Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sankhri: Lekha Top (the Land of kaurvas)

Heading directly from our offices to I.S.B.T is something we are use to. So in order to carry out our “parampara” (customs and traditions), we again reached from our offices to I.S.B.T. But with the added flavor this time. Around 10 in the morning Friday 22nd Jan ’10 I received a call from Sir (Mr. Himashu Dutt) for a simple question what are you Doing Today? To which I simply replied nothing much sir.

Answer was enough for sir to tell me “okay dear than pack your bag and meet me in the evening at I.S.B.T. we are leaving today”.

I hurriedly contacted my mom and seek the permission for the same as my sister has already warned me of getting my trip cancel. Mom said YES! And in no time I am out of office went back home packed my bag and reached sir’s home.

I got bit late, as result of which I missed out my “Garma Garam Dosa”. Soon Manu another companion for the trip entered. Sir introduced us to each other and soon we all were in comfort zone. Enjoying our comfort we left for the trip at around 8:15 p.m. reaching I.S.B.T at 9:10 p.m.

Hold on! The biggest surprise I Forgot, the trip is for Sankari Now and not for Chakrata as Raju(Our Guide) was in Delhi and was leaving for Sankari the same day.

So, now looking for the bus, we got one leaving at 10:30 (this was the earliest). Some how we guys killed our time chatting. Finally bus moved at 10:45 and we made calls to our home as usual.

Making call reminded me something. My mom asked sir to be careful to which sir generously replied "aunty hume toh sirf bus mebethna he, baki sabh toh bus k driver k haath me he". Bravo!

Soon the clinching noise of windows started, Sorry but this time it was like a melody out from the busy and material sounds of Delhi. We chatted for a while and after that set our self loose for some rest. Bus stopped at Rossette In for the dinner at 1 a.m., we purchased some tea and snacks as not feeling for anything heavy to eat. Our hands found it difficult to hold the tea as the strong wind made us shiver badly, result of which tea has fallen on our hands.

At 5:30a.m. We reached Dehra-dun and checked for the bus to Purola. The first bus would be leaving at 6:30; we looked for some other option leaving early, but failed to find one. So we settled ourselves in the bus after some tea. Reaching Purola at 11:45 a.m. we tool lunch and get ourselves seated for Mori by 1p.m., reaching Mori 2:10 p.m. we again took the final jeep for Sankari and finally we reached Sankari at 4p.m. (almost after 20 hrs leaving our sir’s home).

But still our spirits were not down, soon we booked our room in GMVN and went for a walk and after a long and peaceful walk we came back by 6p.m. to our place. At around 8 we got out for dinner, just moving out we saw towards sky and for the first time in the life we all witnessed moon so beautiful as it was surrounded a by big circle of light(sorry fails to explain that beauty in words). Well after a good dinner we decided for a small walk. But his time walk wasn’t peaceful at all. As the stray dogs were not happy seeing outsiders so we decided to walk back. Moving back 2 two dogs approached us and whoa! Manu got bit scared, we kept our calm and let them sniff us and do jumping around as We trust Science Completely That “Every Action Has A Reaction” .


Very early in the morning (4 a.m.) we called-off our sleep and bed by 6 when sir opened the door for the fresh air. As decided by 8 we were ready to leave for trek. But my fitness sign and the time crunch started a debate over “were to go”. My wish was Kedar-Kantha, Sir and Manu’s Wish was Har-ki- Dun, but soon Raju suggest a New Place known as Lekha-Top and we all gave are consensus.

Taking a jeep we reached Jakhola Village which is 18 Km away from Sankari, on the way we enjoyed at the Supin River (tributary of Tonnes River). I jumped from one place to another in water and followed by a good teaching.

By 9:15 a.m. we reached Jakhol, the land of kuravas. Jakhol! What Surreal it was. Almost 350 families leaving here but the peace and the calmness of the place speaks for itselfThe snow covering the place all-round and the sun was high with soothing warmth.

The children and the people were excited and gave us a warm welcome which I personally received for the first time. Our Camera’s were toy to watch out not only for children but even for adult, which was clear when one elderly person approached me and in his own language spoke something, I some how understood that he wants me to click his photo and show to him, I did that but his excitement surpassed my understanding as he wants to try my camera. I allowed him to view from it, ensuring that I am properly holding my camera.

Well after lot of fun and interaction and after stuffing ourselves with Maggi we walked to our destination Lekha – Top. The very start was slippery, as manu slipped in the starting and then we realized that we are walking on the ice. So we holded our camera’s tighty and carefully moved until reached some fresh snow. The surroundings soon turned white, as covered with snow all around. And we enjoyed the every bit of it. Walking through the lovely ridge puts me back in the game and I am recharged.

By 1 p.m. we reached Lekha top. Raju explained all the ranges. Sir and we all lie down there after composing as many pictures as we can. There was a small temple their which resembles a bravery of a villager who came on tiger and took the revenge.

At 1.45 p.m. we decide to walk back. Raju suggest to take the other route as the last bus to the Sankhri would have left. So we took the other route. In starting it was a fun but soon it turn to a pain as steep slope with jerks were hard for our knees to bear.

Well we reach to road by 3.45 p.m., that means in short we missed the bus. We sat on the road corner to regain our breaths and waited for some other option to move to Sankhri. Meanwhile manu and raju indulged themselves in quarrel and Manu in already irrited finally stated that “I am not a trekker I am nature walker. So please don’t compare me with expeditions.” Waiting for long we again started waking. Issue was same whether to opt for road or to go through the trekker route manu said road and we all agreed seeing his irritation level. But in middle we took the trekker route too.

Finally we reached Sankhri by 6 p.m. we had a tea and went to rooms. Soon we came back for dinner. Raju also joined us for the dinner. He was drunk. In this state he confessed that “ ki mera dil bahar nikalne ko ho gaya tha jab saurabh ji aapne waha pani me jump mari thi. Dekho pahad kabhi jhukta nahi tut jata he. Isliye isse kabhi mat takarao”. Sir also joined him. (mummyyyyyyyy)

Well after a dinner we walked around. And while returning th GMVN guys asked for the rent as someone has complained that we are staying here for more than one day. So sir went to the GMVN owner to discuss the issue. And by the time manu and I enjoyed the hills in dark for the first time. We sat outside our rooms and felt such calmness for the first time.

Sir came back and told “ ki who toh full tight he use kuch nahi samjh aa raha. De do inhe jo dena he”and finally we went to the sleep.


We wake by 4.30 but left bed by 5.30. Manu got a scolding by sir early morning. That if he was awaken why didn’t he wake us and as a result we have to miss our bus. By 7 we left the rooms and quickly went to catch the last bus.

By the time bus was ready to leave we had the tea and played with the dog named “doggy” the strongest among all. He was so strong that he will make you off-balance if he touches you slightly.

At Mori bus stopped for 15 min and we walked to have some tea. Sir got mad after jalebi and ate only that. He ate 250gms of jaebi on his own. While manu and i shared some pakode with tea. But by the time I would have sipped my tea the bus started to move and so I have to leave it which I didn’t like.

An old lady was standing in the bus. So I offered him my seat. Seeing me standing for long manu offered his seat to me which I again gave to an old lady who can’t even stand properly. Manu got angry seeing this and told me “ meri seat tunne kyu di. Tu kya pure rasta khada rahega sabko seat de dekar”. Sir and I smiled over it. But smile didn’t stay long as the bus driver put the tape on that too very loud. And the speaker was just next to my left year. So it was really irritating. When we got out of the bus my one ear was almost deaf for few minutes.

We reached vikasnagar at 2.45. and drank 2 glass each of sugarcane juice and catch the bus for Dehradun and from there to Rishikesh.

At 8.30 we reached Rishikesh and for the first time in my life I saw a dear while crossing the jungle road to Rishikesh. Soon we reached Muni-Ki-Riti and booked our rooms. There sir met one of his office college and he made us end our day in sweet mood but getting us the rasgulas.


Waking up at 5.45 we left for a walk in the near by area and enjoyed the lovely morning in the lovely woods. We returned back soon and left for the Ganga Ghat to have a dip. I also agree for the dip. But seriously after reaching there and touching the water I thought about my words. But once said means said. So sir and I had ours dips in water and mummy it was freezing manu was not interested and was enjoying the photos.

After this had our breakfast at Geeta bhavan. Their manu got serious and casually i asked him is everything ohk. first he replied nothing. But seeing him in the same state i again asked him " bhai sab theek he na" bu t this time manu showed his agression: " kaha na kuch nahi, Sab kuch batana jaruri hehe tujhe". Sir and i got surprised and looked at each other. After that we passed a silly smile and continued with our aloo- puri. but by the time we finished our breakfast manu was again in good mood. finally, on a good we then left for the delhi.


  1. good boss mast hai keep going

  2. thanks Saksi and i hope that i keep going....

  3. nice one!!!! if u want me to be honest ur previus blogs were more expressive..though never mind it was anice read...with few clinches...hope u wont mind criticsm...n most important i wish i cud visit all these places...m day dreaming...