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Almora-Vridh Jageshwar- Binsar

After the Roop Kund trek it’s almost five months now, I being pissed from intelligence of knowledgeable stupid’s. And what could be the better stress-buster than trekking. Believing the same, I (Saurabh Singh) soon accepted the offer of Mr. Himanshu Dutt(sir) to accompany him On the trip of Jageshwar which we later extended to Binsar(bird Sanctuary).

On Firday 27th nov 09 I left for the Anand Vihar to catch the bus for Almora, sir will be coming from the office. Around 12:45 p.m. I left the home and walked a km to catch the bus. As always trekking starts from home only. The bus was fully loaded, being afraid to reach late at Anand Vihar, I forced my foot on the 1st foot rest and put my hand inside from the window in order to hold something, pleasure added soon with the bag-pack belt forcing against my shoulders. Uff!! some-how I manage to hold on till Rohini West. While paying the fair I asked the helper of the bus, when I didn’t entered the bus all the way for what shoud I pay for?

Taking metro from Rohini West I reached Dilshad Garden and from their I took another bus for the Anand Vihar. I reached their by 2.30 p.m., as sir was late I had cholle Bhatoore and then made myself seated at shed no.97 from where we will get the bus. Sir reached by 3p.m. and soon we searched for the bus and we found something interesting that crowd is mad after the buses to Muradabad. Entering from window in running bus, when doors were found shut by the people was a common sight.

We reached at Muradabad at 9p.m. to attend a sir’s childhood friend(Mohit) marriage. Sir had a blast with his group that gathered on the occasion and also danced a lot which came like a surprise to me. Because we always believed, Himanshu sir and dance…. Nahhhh!!!! Never!!!!. But it is rightly said big surprises comes in small packages.

Leaving from here at 1:15 a.m. sir’s friend Deepak dropped us at Rampur at 3:30 a.m. Soon we took bus for Haldwani and from their finally a jeep to Almora at 5:30 a.m. We reached Almora at 8:50a.m. and looked for Jeep to Jageshwar. Waiting for around 20 minutes we got one jeep at 9:20 which is going to Dhaniya. The jeep dropped us at Artola at 11:10 a.m. from where we decided to walk the remaining 3kms to Jageshwar.

Day- 1

The walk after so much travelling was very refreshing and pleasure added once we touched the woods. After walking for almost one Hour we rached Jageshwar and looked for Rest house. We found Jagdamba a Suitable one.

Without wasting the time we had a bath with cold water in the open and left for the Temples. Within 10 minutes we reached at Temples and I was amazed at the architecture of 8th century. But exploring it wasn’t so easy, as one has to remove the shoes before entering it. And walking on the cold floor that too wet was something hard for our feet to bear. The experience reminded, “No pain, No gain” Dear.

Jageshwar is one of the 12 Jyotir-Ling. It is the only Jyotir-Ling where Parthiv pooja is done. The oldest structure among group is of Maha-Mrityunjai. The Pujari there rather than describing handed us the book and asked us to read that for the details.After exploring the temple as much as we can we left to rest house and had the Daal-Bhaat at around 5:30 p.m. as we didn’t had anything from last night.

Sir felt asleep as soon as he hit the pillow. I though put my dairy entry. After sometime I also felt asleep and we wake up when the rest house keeper got the dinner. Both of us hardly had a 3 chappati, and again moved to bed. Having no reason I wake at 8:30 and asked sir that I want to call at home. In the strong chilly breeze we searched for the STD but didn’t find one. So we slept again. But night seems to be too long this time as we waited for it to end from 2:30 a.m. onwards.


Morning came with bliss, we tried to feel the same around 6a.m. and in this blissful sight we walked to another mystery of the area Vridh Jageshwar which is 3kms on foot through the lovely woods from Jageshwar group of Temples. There we discovered the story behind Jageshwar and Vridh Jageshwar

Story of Jageshwar

Books though the transferor of the knowledge over generations but fails to be as effective as one to one conversation and i witnessed it, when a shabby looking small old man began the narration. The narration supported by strong faith made us familiar to the our own mother land.

Yuga's ago King Vashrat the father of Parvati Mata(wife of Lord Shiva) conducted a Hawan in which he invited all the Gods and Goddesses except Lord Shiva. Red hot in anger Parvati Matahe reached the place of Hawan, even being stopped a lot by the Lord Shiva(as HE already knew the result).

Reached there Parvati Mata asked HER father(king Vashrat) for insulting the Mightiest God(Lord Shiva) of all. In reply King Vashrat stated that a Person(Lord Shiva) who lives in jungle is not worthy enough to be invited for such big a Ocassion. Even On the continuous warning from Parvati Mata, HER father didnt stop insulting Lord Shiva.As the result of which SHE offered HERSELF to the Hawan-Kund, stating that SHE has no right to live after bringing so much disgrace to HER husband.

Lord Shiva, intensely disturbed from this left all HIS responsibility of managing the World and wondered from place to place. During this phase HE reached Jageshwar, where the women of Rishi Sapt-Rakeshwarof, who were looking for fruits and vegetables saw HIM(Lord Shiva) nude in jungle. Seeing so they ran away being scared.

When Rishi asked why didn’t they brought the fruits and what will they have to eat now? Than the women told the Rishi that there saw a Jogi with a powerful aura standing nude in jungle because of which they got afraid and ran away. Listening to this Rishi got angry and with his power of worship he made the Lord Shiva to be distributed in Lings as punishment. Result of which is the Jageshwar.

One also finds that the Ling in Jageshwar is the only Ling in the world which has the Third Eye of the Lord Shiva.

Story of Vridh Jageshwar

The Mystery of Vridh Jageshwar was even more interesting. The Chaukidar told us that no one knows about the power and mystery of the Temple completely. Only this much is known that King Chand was moving from here for a battle. He saw an amazing thing that a cow is milking over a stone own its own. He was amazed. When he checked the place he saw a Shiv-ling carved in there. Seeing this, he prayed that if he wins the battle he will make a Temple here.

The king won the battle and as per his words he made the temple. For the Temple the stone is collected from the place around 10-12 kms below kms away known as Panvanola. The Stone available and gathered from the place was sufficient enough to make the temple, after which they found no more stones.

Back to trek.

After listening to this we were amazed. But now it’s the time to Walk back. We took the Road rather than the jungle this time. Will walking back one will discover the hospital made by the English. Coming back we stop at a Himdarshan Lodge and asked him to prepare the Jhuli-Chawal for us. For a while we enjoyed the Sun and the surroundings with a small puppy.

Roughly around 3 p.m. we reached Panvanola which is 10 km from Vridh Jageshwar and catch a Jeep For Chitayi Golu temple. After offering the prayer at Golu Devta Temple we left to Almora and halted ourselves for the day at Pavan Hotel.

Keeping our luggage we left to see the KMVN of Almora. It was around a km away but was beautiful. Coming back we had the dinner and went back to our hotel. We came across many drunk walking on the road on way back to hotel.


By 6:45 we were out of beds and were enjoying the lovely valley with the clouds covering it all. At 8:05 a.m. we checked out with the discussion over today plan. Well we didn’t have to do a lot , as we soon manage to get a taxi at a Nominal rate to Kasar Devi and we said yes.

Hardly 12 kms away from Almora, Kasar Devi road is impressive if one walks else he don’t has to cherish much. Sir not satisfied with the place even skipped the temple and asked the driver to move to Binsar Sanctuary right away.

At binsar entry for the first time in my life I used my student I-card for the discount, that too when it was expired. The person asked it is valid upto 2008 and my reply was mba is for two years I have to get it renewed … ehhehe….

With this we moved in the sanctuary area and believe me it was awesome the place is covered with thick woods all over. The car stopped at KMVN(binsar) from where we have to walk for around 2 kms for the Zero Point.

Zero point is the top point there from where one sees the Himalyan ranges till where one’s eyes can see.

Sitting there for almost 1 hour we enjoyed every bit along with our modeling in different poses with the landscape. Soon the time calls “move back “ and we have too.

Coming back to Almora we purchased some speciality of Almora froma shop at the corner of the entery gate of Bisnsar.

Reaching Almora we explored the Bhotiya market and had our lunch. Sir liked the Chana Chole and Dahi with the Tandoori Roti and ate one etc this time. Exploring the Almora to its fullest we finally look for the bus to Bhowali at 5:15p.m.. But Failed to find one, as booking of the seats were over by 12p.m.

Having no choice left we took a jeep to Haldwani. And I enjoyed the just corner of the seat all the way back, as 10 seater was carrying 15.

Some how holding ourselves , sir and I was discussing that the trip is leisure one and too hard this time.

But but but….. leisure trip and that too sir and me…. No rather never is suitable.

Just crossing the Bhimtaal the front Tyre valve broke just before a sharp turn. And everyone’s heart was in there mouth. All said “kismat aachi thi bach gaye thodi aur age hoti to aaj toh ho gaya tha kaam.. “

Sir and me looked at each other and reviewed our lines. At 8 p.m. on hills you are standing on the road with the chilly breeze waiting for some other options to help you out.

The driver took the charges till Haldwani and adjusted the 15 in tits and bits. As two were adjusted on the bikes, two in car and 4 on trolly and finally sir and me got the truck as the option.

We have to take it. We threw our bag at the back and climbed the truck. The Dust carrier welcomed us with strong jumps and twist and turns. We find it hard to be stationary. Finally sir and me stuck us to the two corner and some-how enjoyed the way with channa eating.

But one can find good in every odd. Sir said Saurabh I.P. University me aise kitne bache hoge jinhone aise travel kara ho, So see excel so many… hahaha…. “ but enjoyment came to end when the Truck stopped at Mcdonals No.1 and asked us to get down and to catch a Auto. Sir asked the reason he stated No- entry for truck, but reason is something else.

We without having much debate got down and catch a auto and then the bus for the Delhi.


  • Rooms are costly even in off season
  • Bus service is not so good. Last bus leaves almora at 6p.m. for Delhi
  • Market gets close by 7 in evening.

Difficulty level :- Easy

Almora- Binsar- 37 km

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