Monday, January 30, 2012

Visit to Friend's house (Old Fort)

A Trip to Purana Quila – a signature Pandavas Creation in Delhi. It is well said that what comes next one can never be sure off.
I was busy packing my bagpack for a winter trek to the Tungath Ji – an abode of Lord Shiva, when received a call that plan has been dropped. Was bit sad to hear that and got online to pass time. As soon as I got online Rakesh asked me about my plan and told him the entire story. He was quite happy to hear and with a wicked smile he asked me to accompany him for a visit to Purana Quila. It always better to have something than nothing. Almost ready for a trek, I thought, if not trek why not a photo walk.

It was a 26th January, and kind of perfect day for Rakesh to visit this place, where once his elders lived during the partition. It was his father’s birthday and for him what better would he have to celebrate it other than his father’s birthplace (Purana Quila barrack no. 40 opposite Pipal ka aped).

Getting the car parked in front of the Pargati Maidan we marched towards out destination at 1 p.m. our photo walk started from the Old fort Lake. Entering their, we realized that it would not be a peaceful walk as huge crowd appeared for enjoying their holiday. Hardly few steps we walked when we took out the camera and subjects hunting started. Rakesh was bit amused to see me in a trekking mood as for him I always use to be silent chap who doesn’t like to roam much or freak out. With my Nikon in my hand my mind thinks of nothing else but only and only photography. Dying to experiment some new techniques and setting I just asked Rakesh for his support and kept him saying bhai – aaja tujhe ek mast subject dikhata hu… and kept on clicking him in different poses until we reached the ticked house of the Old fort where large number of people were lined up for the tickets.

Rakesh was pretty excited to explore the fort. As soon as we entered into the fort he told me…. Bhai tujhe jaldi toh nahi he na aache se dekhenge pura fort…. I was nahi bhai no issues…. After a casual walk of 10 – 15 mins. We touched the boundary of the old fort alongside the Zoo. There was a huge wall on one side with many gates and windows in it. A few point we got so enthusiastic that we started to climb them to see the landscape on the other side and trust me it was beautiful. I never thought Delhi might look so beautiful with all of this materialistic jungle around.

Rakesh struggled at some places to climb up but he never gave up (huh tough guy). Walking along the boundary enjoying ourselves we step on the wall of fort facing standing against the ITO. It was very pleasant standing there with apart from rest of the cloud surrounded by the calm breeze and a soothing sun. one of the best moment of the walk. We decide to have our lunch their and enjoy the aroma for a while. After we had our lunch we walked down and think what we dropped the sunglasses of Rakesh but no worries to our luck we found them. And here Rakesh made a statement… bhai mene dekha he jin logo ka paisa aacha hota he na unke nauksan nahi hota…..

Moving on we almost explore the fort, when we noticed that there was a Trishul on the Top of a Masjid in the fort (see there God is one). As we were discussing it Rakesh received a call from his home, his grandma asked him to clicked the photo of Barrack no 40 opposite Peepal ka Ped – the place where his grandma lived once at the time of partition. We ended our walk locating the same and were pleased to capture some photos to cherish the memories of her grandma.