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Trek to Roop Kund

The journey to one of my dream track, Roop Kund, started at the evening around 9:15 p.m. from Kashmere Gate bus stand. Though the dreams has started long back when Mr. Himanshu Dutt(sir) told me.

In starting we were a group of five but finally only three of us managed including:- Mr. Himanshu Dutt( the main motivator), Mr. Sanjeev and Me (Saurabh Singh).

Three of us put in great effort for the trip. Among which sir was top ranker. He created fake conference and all, to fetch few handy leaves for the trek. I lied to my family as they would not have allowed me and reached straight from my end term exam of MBA.I remember how I borrowed scooty of my sister and carried a big bag-pack to my exam centre. Everybody was looking at me, astonished.

At the eve weather was testing too, with heavy rainfall and we all unprepared for same have left for our meeting point, Kashmere gate. Somehow we managed and as soon as we reached their we got our bus for Rishikesh. Settling fast in there, we all were hungry as all were coming directly from the offices and me from exam centre.

With the movement of the bus our action also started, primarly informing our home ones and friends and fianc├ęs. After hell lot of talking and lectures from dear ones, we hanged the phones and relaxed for a bit.

Relaxing and that too while keeping ones’ mouth shut is something one cannot avail in the company of Sanjeev. Soon he started with his blah blah. Sir and me after a while deviated his attention to starvation. Our hunger initiated our search for eateries started. And our tragedies to trip begin from here itself.

Sir forgotten the dinner so packed. Now, we were in a moving bus and starving. Finally, sanjeev pulled out some snacks’ we ate a bit and bought a pepsi when bus stopped for a moment from hawkers, added to this I pulled out a sweet dish(nariyal ki barfi) on the demand of sir.

Bus was moving in the busy traffic at a slow pace and we all have nothing to do except to discuss how we have managed for the trip(stated above). Not much time passed sanjeev received a call from his girl friend and that’s it, his pass time is on. Sir and me on the contrary discussed our preparation about the trip and how we have to proceed.

Time passed, at around 12 bus stopped at a Dhabba for half an hour for eating and for attending nature’s call. Sanjeev was the first to rush for the call. On the way back to bus we bought pepsi and a pack of kurkure as we were not in a state to take heavy food. Reached in bus, kurkure become the hot topic for discussion. Sir mentioned it is of plastic and to prove the same started searching for the match stick. I was carrying one. He lighted the match stick and pulled one kurkure and burned it to prove to sanjeev. He was actually right but sanjeev is a guy of his own he smiled and said “that means none of you gona eat this. Thanks”. He ate entire stuff and slept on tired sir with all his weight and specially those gelled hairs which were as hard as bushes. Sir tried to get rid-off , but in front of sanjeev you are helpless sometimes.

At around 4 in the morning we hit Haridwar. We were drowsy but chillness of breeze coming from the old out-framed windows forced us to stretch ourselves to wear some warm clothes. After this none of us slept and were grumbling over the delay so caused by the driver. As by this time bus should have reached Rishikesh.

We Reached Rishikesk at 6:30 in the morning and cause of delay have missed our bus to Lohajung/goldam(2nd tragedy). We struggled for some commutation for the palce. But didnt find one. After moving here and there for half an hour we caught auto-rickshaw for the taxi stand. Sir had a dispute with him as he charged us doubled (but of no use). From there we managed a taxi to Tharali. From Tharali we took another taxi to Dewal and finally from here we catch the bus of Lohajung we missed at Kashmere Gate.

At 5:30p.m. we reached Lohajung, almost after travelling for 21 hours on a stretch, struggling with our stamina to stand and search for place to stay at night and to arrange a guide for next day along with the required goods.

The 3rd tragedy, our guide(Mr. Mohan Bisht) with whom we have to cover the trek is not there, we tried his phone several times, asked from him from the people their but of no use. Finally we had a chat we the locals' their and arranged for the guide cum poter, after the things were almost done we have purchased all the things and were about to go for sleep, the poter raised the issue over the charges we were willing to pay. After a hell lot of discussion he agreed ( the local who arranged him on reasonable rate, asked for a bottle of beer, corruption has reached everywhere).

Day -2:-

All set to leave, we wake up early around 5:30 in the morning. Body was still struggling, as the sleep in a room on the ground was not enough to relax ourselves. After getting freshed,( except sanjeev as he needs a good room rather than an open area for work to be done), we all were waiting for the poter. He was late by half an hour and that too not carrying the essentials; we asked him to hurry up, then n there only his drama started, regarding timings, the things he will carry, the trek we will cover, so on. Finally, I lost my patience soon followed by sir and we decided to go alone on the trek. (4th tragedy)

We began for the trek at 8:30 a.m, late by not less then 2 hours, with two issues on priority, one is arrange for a burner to cook the food and second is to carry the luggage. With the kindness of the forest rest house care-taker the issue of burner is resolved as they lended us one. But for luggage we were still struggling as sanjeev has not brought a bagpack on the trek and thus Sir and me have to tie up the entire stuff on our bag-packs. Finally, we managed and started the trek.

After walking for 6 kms we found a guide cum poter Mr.Kuvar Singh Bisht the cousin of Our guide who suppose to meet us at Lohajung. We had a discussion with him and hired him for the trek for Rs. 1300 along with Ramu(his horse) to carry our luggage.(first good thing on the trek so far)

We started moving fast as we have to reach Vedni Bugyal by any mean, and we are still more 20 kms away, At Vann around 10 km from Lohajung we haulted to eat some thing. With a nice tea, sanjeev preferred omelet and sir and me sticking to our vegetarian diet Khicdhi. As we were about to leave from there rain welcomed us, with our plastic outfits we set ourselves and started walking, but wasn’t easy at all as air pressure is pushing us back and our legs were also fighting with the outfits we were wearing.

Nothing matter such things only make trek exciting, we walked like anything but just when Vedni is hardly 2-3 kms we all struggled like anything, it was hard for us to keep our breath and hold on our foots. Firstly sir drived us for some distance, then I took the charge of leading, but sanjeev was struggling hard in last few laps. Sir holded him and make sure that he kept walking until we reached at Vedni Bugyal.

At around 6:30 in the evening we reached Vedni Bugyal. Mr. bisht and I started searching for the place to camp, and after a lot of here and there we finded one. By the time sir and sanjeev also reached, we pitched the tent and asked Mr. Bisht to cook something quickly.

At Vedni we met Mr. Mohan Bisht also and had a long discussion over his misconduct and sir made him realized what all problems his mis-conduct caused to us. Being too tired we all ate a bit of noodles and without wasting anytime fall to our sleeping bags.

At around 12:30 in the night I wake by the noise of wind that was flowing like anything, the tent was struggling with it and when I asked sir about the same, with no time sanjeev opened his mouth saying “our tent will flew away cause of wind”, being my first experience in tent such line was more than enough to make me feel scared. Things for me didn’t stopped here, I somehow opened the tent to check the reason and guys believe me the valley that is looking heaven in the day time is haunting hell in the night, with the noise of bells and rain drops all over. This all was more than enough to make me shiver entire night thereafter; I hold sir tightly to get some strength and tried to sleep.


At around 5 we wake up in the morning. I told Sir about the experience last night and recorded the same in camera. After that we clicked some morning pictures. The morning view at Vedni surrounds one with the saome mighty mountain ranges including:- Chowkhamba, Kalidak, and Trishul. Sanjeev was still inside, we asked him is what happened. He said nothing and cleared that he is not going to trel further. Sir asked nearby people to take care of him and we finally left for the Roop Kund at arounf 7a.m.

Weather was with us, with nice breeze and some mountain eagles gliding just over our head we were enjoying our walk. But trek was long enough to test us. After walking for around 4 hours we reached Pathalna-chana from were Kalu Vinayak is around 3 km, here we rested for few moments and had some eateries. But the trek from here on is steep like anything that test one on every step. Hardly 10 step on these 3 kms were breath taking as also we were feeling drowsy due to lack of oxygen.

“But Remember this is trek is trekking and every moment one has fight with himself, whether he can do it or not”

And we choose not to give up yet. Taking more than one and a half hour we covered these 3 km, enjoying our breath and also seeing Kida-Jadi(the insect that holds high medicinal value, as per the local is sold for more than 8lakhs per kg).

And the scenic beauty we came across there is something that hold us like anything. A small temple in which a sculpture of Shri Ganesha is there. And behind that one sees the entire Kailash Mountain ranges, with Roop Kund at back. As if Maa Parvati(the Mother of Ganesha as per Hindu religion)is holdind her son. At that very moment we forget entire pain we took to reach their.

We clicked few shots and left for Roop kund, Sir not so very keen seeing the weather haulted at Bagu Basa and asked me to do the same. But me very excited to see the Roop Kund, wanted to give my best to reach their. But due snow being sleepery and new, and weather getting bad, I could only manage 1and a half km ahead and had to return from a snow patch were I got stuck and find it very hard to cross.

Also sir shouting hard from his place “saurabh come back, don’t go ahead”. I lost my confidence and decided to get back. No later as I turn back to walk for Vedni bugyal, snowfall with strong breeze see-off us from Roop kund.

Struggling hard and very tired we reached back to our tent at around 6 in the evening. We after walking for more than 20 km on a consecutive day left with nothing to do rather than resting just after having a tea. At night I asked I asked Sir to eat the Khichdi though it was not cooked properly, Sir resisted I starting but reason to keep body in good shape sir and I did so.


Sanjeev after resting for the entire 3rd day and drinking water from the wash-room bottle he was charged up. We started At 7 in the morning for Lohajung, but this time we decided to trek form Ali Bugyal.

Ali bugyal is a lovely green plateau, our walk their for 1 Hr was awesome, but after that when we reached the jungle the entire enjoyment vanished as the trek from there on is very steep downward and is very hard on our tired foots’. But our jokes and Sanjeev acts made it easier for us to complete the trek. As we reached near kuling the rain started, we waited for some time for rain to stop but of no use, we choose to walk and reached Kuling.

There, we had some tea and all of us called at our home to inform them that everything is fine.

After reaching Lohajung, We asked Sanjeev to return the Burner to the forest guys, by the time we looked for dormitory in GMVN. We took two bed at Rs.200 and decided to catch the early morning bus at 4 a.m. to Rishikesh.

At Rishikesh, we visited Ram jhula, had something to eat and stayed their till 8 in the evening when we finally moved to the Bus stand to catch the bus for delhi.

Details of the Trip:-

Route we followed;-

Delhi – Rishikesh- karanparyag - Tharali- Dewal - Lohajung

Lohajung- Kuling – Vaann – Vedni Bugyal – Kalu Vinayak – Roop Kund

Vedni Bugyal – Ali Bugyal – Tol Pani – Kuling – Lohajung- Rishikesh- Delhi (coming back)

one can Hire the Tent and sleeping bag from Pujari Store at Lohajung his rates are;-

Tent(2 man) - Rs. 150 Per day

Sleeping Bag:- Rs. 50 per day

Matrices:- Rs. 15 per day

(it is advisable to carry own belongings, as his behavior is not upright.)

Note:- Do carry Cashew nuts and some choclates as they prove to be best thing in treking to feed oneself apart from other eateries and medicines.

to view the photos of the Trip Plz visit

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